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    in the constant transformation of our consumers' lives through the use of new technologies.

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    in continuous research and development to increasingly improve our product base extracted from Brazilian Eucalyptus.

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    by applying short fiber extracted from eucalyptus in new markets built through sustainable relationships.

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  • 1st

    bleached eucalyptus kraft fluff pulp to be available commercially worldwide.

  • 1st

    in production of eucalyptus pulp in the world.

  • 100%

    sustainable eucalyptus planted and harvested in Brazil, with excellent defiberation, absorption and softness.

  • 11

    years of research in collaboration with the consumer goods industry aimed at the development of 100% eucalyptus fiber fluff.

  • 95

    years of innovation and pioneering in the global pulp market.

When we first launched Eucafluff, we faced the skepticism of the market. We invested for over a decade in research and development to deliver what many believed was impossible: a high-quality eucalyptus fluff grade. Yet today the approval of Eucafluff does not stop growing.

Fabio Carucci, R&D Executive Manager

a revolution for the hygiene market

The characteristics of the eucalyptus fiber provides the Eucafluff with a high absorption and retention capacity of liquids. Its chemical composition allows for better bonding with water, and its narrow pores are more efficient to contain liquids.

Absorbs more liquid and reduces the chances of leaks

Laboratory tests show that the use of Eucafluff promotes a better liquid distribution in product cores, increasing their total absorption capacity whilst reducing leakage.

Improvement in Rewet readings

Diapers manufactured with Eucafluff presented better rewet rates in laboratory tests. This stems from the superior liquid retention provided by Eucafluff, resulting in a final product which maintains the skin dryer for much longer.

More flexibility and softness

The eucalyptus fiber is smaller and softer than pine, allowing the production of a thin and smooth core. Products developed with Eucafluff provide greater comfort and more discretion to the end user.

More compressibility, less costs

By presenting greater compressibility, the use of Eucafluff improves channeling, embossing, and reduces core caliper. This means lower costs with packaging, transportation, and storage for product converters.

Environmental Footprint

The comparative assessment of the Eucafluff life cycle shows that the product has a favorable result in several categories of environmental impact, such as greenhouse gas emissions, water and fossil fuel consumption, in addition to land use*. All of this together with the practices of sustainable management of eucalyptus, environmental certifications and Suzano's commitment to environmental conservation.

Eucafluff also has the independent certifications PEFC® Cerflor (Brazilian Forest Certification Program) and FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council® - FSC-CO10014), and is manufactured with wood produced exclusively for this purpose.

*This study aimed to compare the environmental impact between different systems to produce fluff pulp, using it for this end the data from Fluff produced by Suzano in Brazil and the Fluff produced in the southeastern United States.

Eucafluff + long fiber

The combined use of long fiber fluff (50%) with Eucafluff (50%) changes the liquid distribution within the product core, allowing liquid to better spread throughout its extension, in addition to increasing the total volume absorbed and thus enhancing SAP performance.

Top Sheet ADL PAD
50% Eucafluff
50% long fiber fluff blend
Carry On Back Sheet

Better distribution of liquids

Because of its higher porosity, the long fiber pad allows for a faster vertical movement of fluids. In the meantime, Eucafluff pad facilitates the horizontal distribution of liquids along the core and, by presenting smaller spaces between the fiber blend, will promote a better liquid retention.


Eucafluff is designed for application in disposable hygienic sanitary and personal hygiene products, providing improved product quality, comfort, and well-being to our end user.

  • Baby Diapers and<br> Adult Incontinence products Baby Diapers and
    Adult Incontinence products
  • Feminine<br> Care products Feminine
    Care products
  • Pet and<br> medical pads Pet and
    medical pads
  • Airlaid<br> materials Airlaid

Be part of this revolution

Innovation is in Suzano's DNA. We use the most advanced technology to provide new materials and solutions to the global pulp and paper markets, increasing the efficiency of our clients’ productive process, reducing their costs, and their environmental impact.


Value-added Services: Engineering and Product Development consultancy

Suzano will provide process and product consultancy and testing as part of our value added services to clients. Any necessary machine adjustments or product design improvements may be provided and supported by our expert team of Application Engineers, Product and Market specialists.

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Eucafluff is already sold worldwide

Know the main countries that use Eucafluff.

  • USA
Know the main countries that use Eucafluff.



Suzano’s global footprint has taken innovation to clients worldwide, always seeking new solutions to improve our products and strengthen relationships and partnerships with our clients around the globe.

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